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Projection Mapping Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Projection Mapping Company, or PPM, utilizes the latest technology to project 3D artwork, advertisements, and event design elements for both indoor and outdoor applications. The PPM Company was founded in 2014 to integrate projection mapping technology into Center City, Philadelphia. PPM aims to use projection mapping to promote greater tourism in the city of Philadelphia and for commercial purposes. Projection mapping Philadelphia is our plan for the city to increase revenue for Philadelphia and its residents.

Projection Mapping, or use of a projector to display content onto any physical surface, is what we do. We use projectors and computers together to create visuals on walls, buildings, dance floors, and more.  Projection mapping is the newest solution to bring dynamic visuals into your next project.

As a city with a rich history that’s known for it’s artists, Philadelphia has the potential to be the newest hub for education on this technology. PPM will aid in the creation of courses for this new medium with the local universities and colleges.

We are leading the way locally and globally in projection mapping. With our unique expertise in planning, production, logistics, and event design, we can cover any size project. Projection mapping is the future. We can help you get started today.