Wedding Cake Projection

Wedding Cake Projection Now Available From The PPM Company

Wedding cake projection is a great new way to enhance your wedding cake into a truly magical center piece for any wedding. Using our projection mapping techniques, we can project an array of video, animation, logos, photos, and more onto a wedding cake. Through this cutting edge technology, cutting the cake will never be the same. The biggest advancement in wedding cake decor is finally here.

We can change the color of the cake slowly throughout the night. We can display a montage of pictures of the newly weds. We can even create a custom love story to show throughout the evening. Projection mapping allows us to use your cake to create a one-of-a-kind look that will wow your guests.

Because of the advancements in this technology, wedding cake projection is affordable for anyone. We only need a few hours for setup, and the projector can be set far away from the wedding cake, out of the way. The older, traditional methods for this required 6-8 hours of setup, and also required the projector to be set up right in front of the cake. The advantages of the new methods are obvious… a non-obtrusive, affordable wedding cake projection that is only available here at PPM.


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